Budget Operations

Budget Operations

Budget Uploads

The NCAR Budget & Planning Office is responsible for uploading budget information into the UCAR accounting system for NSF target and indirect funding. Detailed information regarding the upload process, required forms, and NSF targets are provided in the menu items to the left on this page.  

Month-End Reports

Throughout the year, NSF Base, NSF Special, and Non-NSF spending can be monitored through the monthly spending graphs. Variance information regarding Facility Usage and Service Center rates can be monitored through the month-end variance reports.  

Prespend / Overspend

This menu item provides information on the approval process required to address prespending or overspending conditions on awarded funding for an existing/ongoing agreement.   


This menu item provides guidance associated with the year-end processes and addresses various issues related to the status of specific account types.  


This menu item provides guidance on Scientific Project Encumbrances (SPERs) and shows current projected spending on existing SPERs.  

If you have any questions regarding budget operations, please contact Geoff Cheeseman at ext. 1110 or email him at geoff@ucar.edu.