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SciDAC Guidance and Templates

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BP_SciDAC Proposal Deadlines and Administrative Instructions.pdf package with UCAR information.pdf

BP_SciDAC Narrative Template - including Cover Page(s).pdf /.docx

BP_SciDAC Summary Template.pdf /.docx

BP_DOE Bio Sketch Template.pdf /.docx

SciDAC Proposal Deadlines

Final Proposals Due to NCAR B&P by COB Thursday, February 27.

In this cycle, NCAR will submit 21 separate applications. Adherence to these deadlines is critical to ensure a successful submission.

COB Friday, February 14: Draft budget and PACUR submitted in PandA for Budget Office (BO) review

COB Friday, February 21: Draft Proposal with final budget submitted  in PandA for BO review

COB Tuesday, February 25: Email final packages to Budget & Planning for review

Wednesday, February 26: PACUR and Proposal approved by PA, DIR and/or LAB, BO and BOD (if applicable)

Thursday, February 27: Final packages submitted to Budget and Planning

Friday, February 28 & Monday, March 3: Submission in