Internal Allocations

Internal Allocations


 The NCAR Directorate budgets modest amounts of funds to facilitate the implementation of new initiatives, to ensure protection from budget fluctuations, and to manage institution-wide programs that cross laboratories.

Director’s Reserves - The NCAR Director’s Reserve was established at NCAR’s inception and originally functioned primarily to respond to unanticipated needs and emergencies. Although this function continues to be the primary purpose of this fund, the majority of available funding is generally used for new programs and initiatives. Laboratories may request funding from the reserve at any time during the year. These requests are reviewed and approved by the NCAR Director. The remaining Director’s Reserve fund balances are held each year until NCAR’s final fiscal year target is known. Once immediate program needs are covered, remaining balances are provided as seed funding for priority areas.

Diversity Program - The NCAR Director and the NCAR Executive Committee have established the NCAR Diversity Fund to advance efforts in broadening participation from underrepresented groups and diverse institutions in all NCAR activities and to increase the diversity of our workforce. We have made this commitment in our strategic plan and renew it each year in our annual budgeting process. We make this commitment in response to the national challenge in educating the next generation of scientists and in developing the workforce of the 21st century.

The Diversity Program is made up of two components: (1) the Directorate Diversity Fund which funds through a competitive proposal process new initiatives in workforce diversity, and (2) a pool of funds contributed by each of the labs and matched by the NCAR Directorate. These funds are transferred each year to participating labs for their efforts in workforce diversity.

EOL Facility Reserves - NCAR budgets $800K per year to support EOL’s aperiodic aircraft equipment replacement and inspection needs. These funds augment EOL’s existing reserves and were used for a C-130 wing inspection in FY 2005 and FY 2009.

NCAR Visitor Program - This is a centralized NCAR visitor program that augments and builds on the individual laboratories’ visitor programs. These funds are centralized in the NCAR Directorate to provide a stable, growing program that is insulated from year to year budget fluctuations and is also highly visible as an institutional priority. Funding for this program consists of laboratory contributions and additional augmentation from the NCAR Directorate.

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