NCAR Strategic Initiatives

NCAR Strategic Initiatives


The Strategic Initiatives (SI) were established to support large research and development activities that provided a scientific and technical foundation for innovative solutions to problems confronted in NCAR's mission and strategic plan. There was an expectation that these initiatives would complete their original objectives and end, or be folded into NCAR’s Base program.

The Strategic Initiative Program was established during a period of significant NSF funding growth (FY 2001 - FY 2003). As budgets became subcritical, units were allowed to move existing permanent staff to work on these programs to relieve budget pressure on other parts of their programs. Activities within the initiatives have also evolved from their original objectives with no formal end for these new activities.

The NCAR Executive Committee has agreed to institutionalize the existing Strategic Initiatives by moving these activities through the transfer of permanent staff salaries into the units’ ongoing base targets. This will provide for funding certainty for staff funded from the SI while carving out additional funds to support new initiatives within the new ISP program.

Specific actions for transferring the Strategic Initiatives were provided to each laboratory on February 6, 2009. Please contact your laboratory administrator for specific details.