Program Planning & Annual Budg...

Program Planning & Annual Budget Review

To guide decision-making at a high, strategic level, NCAR develops, with NSF and community partners, a strategic plan every five years that sets the overall direction and priorities for the institution. Within this strategic framework, NCAR performs an annual budget review of its operating program to ensure progress towards NCAR's strategic goals.

The Annual Budget Review (ABR) process is a review of each NCAR Laboratory, Program, and Observatory for the purpose of setting working budgets for the next fiscal year, and planning targets for the following five years. This process was established to more proactively plan for a range of funding possibilities and to anticipate problems well in advance of actual receipt of our operating funds. NCAR generally receives its final operating budget late in the third quarter of each fiscal year. With a backlog in congressional appropriations, it has become increasingly important to realistically plan for a range of budget levels. This proactive process allows UCAR to be more nimble through contingency planning within an increasingly ambiguous funding environment.           

If you have any questions regarding the Program Operating Plan or ABR, please contact Rena Brasher-Alleva at ext. 1116 or email her at