President’s Advisory Committee on University Relations (PACUR)

Formerly University Relations Committee (URC)

The President’s Advisory Committee on University Relations (PACUR) is a committee of individuals from our member universities that helps maintain good communication and relationships between the Corporation and members. The PACUR acts as an advisory committee to the UCAR President, proposing agenda items for members' meetings and proposing activities and programs for UCAR to undertake.

To ensure that NCAR maintains an alliance with the community when proposing for funding over and beyond its NSF core support, a process was established to review NCAR’s non-core proposals. This review process is important for several reasons: it provides a method to verify NCAR’s compliance with the established criteria, provides an assurance to the university community that there is no unfair competition, serves as a mechanism to encourage collaboration between NCAR and the university community, and allows the committee to make recommendations on improving UCAR’s internal review process.

This review is currently administered by a subcommittee of PACUR, which was appointed in April 1993. The rotating subcommittee, usually comprised of three to four university members, conducts a biannual retrospective review of all non-NSF and NSF competed proposals over $100,000. The proposals are reviewed against an established set of criteria, developed in collaboration with PACUR, NCAR, UCAR and NSF. The subcommittee selects a representative sample of proposals across all divisions/labs and collaboration levels for review.

In addition to reviewing non-core proposal documents, the subcommittee reviews proposal trends and metrics to determine areas of improvement, such as collaboration with the university community, graduate student involvement in projects, etc.