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Expanding Your Horizons conference

This project was in support of the 2013 Expanding Your Horizons --a science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) conference for middle school girls.  The goal of EYH is to provide middle school girls with a positive experience in STEM by interacting with female role models, and by providing exciting and fun hands-on learning experiences. Read more>>


Integration of University of Puerto Rico Ground-Based Aerosol/Cloud Measurements

This project established collaborations between students and advisors at the University of Puerto Rico,  in order to examine the link between aerosols, especially for dust outbreaks, and cloud properties across the Caribbean. A graduate research project was developed.  Read more>>


NCAR presence at the 2013 SACNAS Annual National Conference

The goal of this project was to help create a scientific workforce that more adequately represents the diverse demographics of the US, and enhance interest in the geosciences in historically underrepresented groups.


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