NCAR Directorate

NCAR Directorate

About the Directorate

Working closely with NSF, UCAR, NCAR's Advisory Council, Staff and the university community, the NCAR Directorate sets the strategy that directs this vital scientific organization, whose research, facilities, and technology advance the understanding of our earth system, and promote both economic and human well-being.

Organizations within the NCAR Director's Office

NCAR Operations Team: responsible for NCAR- level operations, policy/procedures, scientific and research engineering appointments and web development.

Director and Deputy Director Support Teams: responsible for direct administrative support and scheduling. 

The Advanced Study Program (ASP) promotes NCAR by encouraging the development of young scientists in the field of atmospheric science.

The Budget & Planning Office is responsible for implementing the NCAR annual budget.

The NCAR Library is a world-class research library specializing in atmospheric and earth system resources.

Director's Office Initiatives

The Data Stewardship Engineering Team (DSET) is responsible for enhanced, comprehensive digital data discovery and access.

The Data Assimilation Program (DA) facilitates data assimilation work through development of common tools and infrastructure, training of postdoctoral scientists and mutual coordination of NCAR data-assimilation activities.