Directorate Staff Roles

Namesort descending Job Title Team Job Duties Extension
Andrea Martinez Budget Analyst III Budget and Planning
  • Proposal Submission Process
  • Advance Notice Help
  • Proposal Statistics and Charts
  • Overspend and Prespend Requests
  • Overspend Report
  • GPRA Reports
  • Hire/Departure Statistics
  • Backup to Valerie Koch
Anselmo Serralheiro Budget Analyst III Budget and Planning
  • Proposal Submission Process
  • Advance Notice Help
  • Proposal Statistics and Charts
  • Overspend and Prespend Requests
  • Overspend Report
  • GPRA Reports
  • Hire/Departure Statistics
  • Backup to Valerie Koch


Carolyn Brinkworth NCAR Director for Diversity, Education, and Outreach NCAR Director’s Office
  • Advocates for and leads NCAR’s diversity, education and outreach strategic planning and operational program implementation.
  • Extends and expands the NCAR diversity, education and outreach activities through the development of new collaborative partnerships and sustainable externally funded programs.
  • Assesses, develops, and collaborates with NCAR constituents regarding various diversity-related and education and outreach-related programs and initiatives.


Caron Chambers Budget Analyst III Budget and Planning
  • Indirect Rate Methodology Change
  • Corporate Performance Management System
  • Special Projects
David Vance Software Engineer III Operations
  • Directorate Web Applications and Dbase Developer
  • NCAR DIR Drupal Template development lead
  • NCAR Main Page Webmaster
  • WAG, WEG, UDUG representative
Geoff Cheeseman Manager, Budget Operations Budget and Planning
  • B&P Operations Staff Supervision
  • B&P Director & Proposal Manager Backup
  • ABR and POP Support
  • NCAR Indirect Rate
  • MIR Reports
  • Content for B&P Webpages 
  • Special Projects and Surveys  
  • STORM Requests
Helen Moshak NCAR Operations Director Operations
  • NCAR operations lead
  • Team supervisor
  • Workforce Management Plan implementation
  • NCAR Human Resource and Appointment Policies
  • Appointment Review Group (ARG) advisor
  • NCAR Space Management
  • Metrics
  • Lab Annual Reports (LAR)/NCAR Annual Report (NAR)
Jim Hurrell NCAR Director NCAR Director’s Office
  • Oversight of NCAR Programs and NSF Funds
  • Strategic and Workforce Development Planning
  • Chief liaison with NSF
  • President’s Council Member
  • Chair of NCAR Executive Committee & Directors’ Committee
  • Exceptions to Policy
Kara Mayock Executive Assistant to the NCAR Deputy Director NCAR Deputy Director Office
  • Executive administration support to the NCAR Deputy Director/Chief Operating Officer
  • Deputy Director’s calendar
  • Deputy Director’s Travel
  • NCAR Acting Director calendar
  • Deputy Director signature requests
  • Confidential communications
  • Agenda Management for special committees
  • Backup to Executive Assistant to the NCAR Director
Konnie Carrillo Division/Program Administrator I Operations 1101
Marissa Miller Administrative Assistant III Budget and Planning, Operations
  • First Point of Contact for Budget & Planning Office and Operations Office
  • Administrative support for Budget & Planning and Operations Staff
  • First Point of Contact for PRs > $250K
  • Meeting support for B&P committees and Business Mgmt Working Group
  • ABR, POP, NSF Reporting Admin. Support   
  • Travel & Purchasing for NCAR Directorate Staff   
  • B&P Website Content Manager 
  • Liaison with System Admin. Team  
  • Special Projects Admin. Support 
  • Media content for NCAR Directorate
Michael Thompson NCAR Deputy Director NCAR Director’s Office
  • Partners with NCAR Director in developing and implementing strategies for achieving NCAR goals and priorities
    • Strategic and Workforce Development Planning
    • Liaison with NSF
  • President’s Council Member
  • Exceptions to Policy
  • Serves as Acting Director in the Director’s absence
  • Supervises the Advance Study Program Director and the Library Director
  • Reviews ladder-track staff salaries
  • Member of the NCAR Executive Committee & Directors’ Committee
Paula Fisher Program Administrator I Advance Study Program
  • Budget and accounting management
  • Graduate Visitor Program and Faculty Fellowship Program management
  • Team supervisor
  • Postdoc hiring and separation processes
  • Proposal coordinator
  • Editor of monthly Fellows Newsletter
Rachel Hauser External Relations Specialist External Relations
  • NCAR Communications
  • Public Relations
  • Journalism Fellowship Program
  • NCAR Annual Report (NAR)
  • Labs Annual Reports (LAR) advisor
  • Memorandums of Understanding/Agreement (MoUs/MoAs)
  • NSF Reporting – Program Operating Plan (PoP), NSF/NCAR Highlights, Program Operating Plan Progress Report (PoPPR)
Rebecca Haacker ASP Director Advance Study Program
  • Supervise and mentor ASP postdocs
  • Direct ASP staff; formally supervise ASP Administrator
  • Oversee ASP postdoc search and selection
  • Oversee ASP programs (GVP and FFP)
  • Participate in meetings and respond to requests from NCAR Directorate
Rebecca Lovell Budget Analyst III Budget and Planning
  • Indirect Cost Admin. & Reporting
  • Lab/Division IC Rate Development
  • ABR Statistics
  • Bid and Proposal
  • Monthly Reports
  • Funding Charts
  • CSC and Facility Usage Rates
  • Directorate Transfers
  • SPER’s
  • ARRA Reports
  • Proposal Submission Process
  • NSF Base & Indirect Uploads
  • Holds for Processing & Visitor/Post Doc Encumbrances 
Rena Brasher-Alleva NCAR Budget & Planning Director Budget and Planning
  • Budget & Planning Staff Supervisor
  • Annual Budget Review (ABR) Process 
  • Liaison with NSF's NCAR Coordination Office
  • NCAR Planning, Budgeting, and Reporting Oversight
  • Program Operating Plan (POP) and Progress Report (POPPR)
  • Budget Policies and Procedures
  • NCAR Directorate Budgets 
  • Indirect Cost and Facility Rate Oversight
  • NSF Base Operating Budgets
  • External Funding Proposals
  • NCAR Financial Tools Lead Team Member 
Reta Kubler Business Intelligence Specialist Budget and Planning
  • Business Intelligence Specialist for Corporate Performance Management tool
  • Ad Hoc analysis for Institution level management
  • BI coordinator for NCAR and UCP reporting
  • Proposal Submission Process <\li>
  • Special Projects
Scott Briggs Administrative Assistant III Advance Study Program
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship search committee and application system support
  • Committee support for ASP seminars, research reviews and Thompson Lecture Series
  • Administrative support for the Software Engineering Assembly, Early Career Scientist Assembly, Technology Innovation Forum, NCAR Aerosol
  • Program and the ASP Summer Colloquium
  • Web site manager and Web Advisory Group representative
  • Systems administration support
  • Property administrator
Susan Chavez Executive Assistant I NCAR Director’s Office
  • Executive administration support to the Director
  • Director’s calendar
  • Director’s Travel
  • Letters of support/reference
  • Confidential communications
  • Agenda Management
    • NCAR Executive Committee
    • NCAR Directors’ Committee
    • UCAR Board of Trustee’s Budget and Programs Committee
  • Backup to NCAR Deputy Director Administrative Assistant
Valerie Koch Manager, Proposal Coordination Budget and Planning
  • B&P Proposal Staff Supervision
  • B&P Director and Operations Manager Backup
  • Proposal Submission Process
  • Proposal Guidelines & Training
  • Proposal Webpage Content
  • Statistical Reports – Non-Base for UCAR Treasury
  • NSF Progress Reports – IA Funding