Latest Publications

Jarecka, D, A Jaruga, P Smolarkiewicz, 2015: A spreading drop of shallow water. Journal of Computational Physics, 10.1016/j.jcp.2015.02.003 | OpenSky
Boniface, K, J Braun, J McCreight, …, 2015: Comparison of snow data assimilation system with GPS reflectometry snow depth in the Western United States. Hydrological Processes, 10.1002/hyp.10346 | OpenSky
Tilmes, S, J Lamarque, L Emmons, …, 2015: Description and evaluation of tropospheric chemistry and aerosols in the Community Earth System Model (CESM1.2). Geoscientific Model Development, 10.5194/gmd-8-1395-2015 | OpenSky