Innovation and Creativity [] Promote innovation and creativity within our institution and across the community of atmospheric, solar, and related sciences

As a national center that provides service and leadership for the scientific community, NCAR must be a venue where new ideas, methods, tools, and practices are developed, gathered, evaluated, and shared. NCAR should serve as a hub for community interactions, collective definition of grand challenges, and development and implementation of collaborative research activities to address such challenges. To fulfill this role, NCAR has to maintain a world-class scientific workforce, a high standard of excellence, strong collaborations, and a broad spectrum of fundamental research that leads to new understandings, and more-focused programmatic research (such as described in the imperatives that follow). Programs that encourage innovation and creativity contribute to intellectual and programmatic renewal at NCAR and in the community and help build the foundations for continuing scientific advancement. To support this imperative, NCAR will

  • Conduct discovery-oriented research across the atmospheric, solar, and related sciences to identify emerging issues, develop new approaches, and guide the direction or redirection of ongoing research programs
  • Develop and support collaborative research efforts that combine ecological, hydrological, biogeochemical, and social science expertise with core atmospheric disciplines to address challenging and multifaceted Earth system science problems
  • Build an expanded scientific visitor program with the flexibility to entrain a broad community of scholars and reward NCAR staff for spending time in other research organizations to encourage exchange of information and development of new perspectives
  • Work with universities, the broader science community, and public- and private-sector decision makers to identify grand challenge problems of societal and scientific interest, in order to define new approaches and methods for research
  • Enhance supercomputing, observational, and modeling facilities by evaluating new technologies; experimenting with advanced computational architectures; and developing prototype instruments, models, and model components 
  • Provide regular opportunities for staff to pursue high-risk, potentially path-breaking research projects