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NASA and the Office of Science and Technology are restricted from using funding to enter into or fund a contract of any kind to participate, collaborate, or coordinate bilaterally in any way with China or any Chinese-owned company, including Chinese universities, at the prime recipient level or at any sub-recipient level. For UCAR purposes, the restriction applies to any collaborations, funded or unfunded, with China (People’s Republic of China) , any Chinese government run enterprises, or any company incorporated under the laws of China. The restriction does not apply to the purchase of commercial or non-developmental items. Therefore, any activities that involve Chinese visitors (non-UCAR employees) that could fall within the "collaborative" area (funded or unfunded) that are part of any projects that receive NASA funds or use the results of NASA funded projects will need to be reviewed by UCAR Contracts.

NASA requires UCAR sign an assurance of compliance to this Chinese restriction within NSPIRES (NASA’s electronic proposal system) at time of proposal. In order for UCAR to sign the assurance, UCAR needs a record of compliance by the Principal Investigator and any UCAR named Co-PI (excludes Co-Investigators). To this extent, UCAR Contracts will now require a form to be signed by the UCAR Principal Investigator at time of proposal submission for each NASA proposal where UCAR is the lead organization or in cases where UCAR is requested to certify by the lead organization. A form will also be required of any named sub-recipients at time of proposal.

Please refer to the form links below titled “NASA China Funding Restriction Principal Investigator (PI) Questionnaire” and “Subrecipient Assurance of Compliance – China Funding Restriction”.

Please refer to the FAQ's below for further information regarding who should complete the forms and when.

NASA China Funding FAQ's

NASA China Subrecipient Assurance Form

NASA China Funding Restriction PI Form

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