Project Reporting

Project Reporting

Annual and final project reports are generally required by most sponsors.  The sponsor’s award notice and/or the agency general terms and conditions should be referenced regarding project report requirements for schedule and format.   UCAR Sponsored Agreements may be contacted for any clarification that may be necessary.

The Principal Investigator (PI) is responsible for submitting project reports to the sponsor within the timeframe specified.  Failure to submit these reports in a timely manner could jeopardize future funding by the sponsor not only for the PI, but for other UCAR investigators funded by the same sponsor.  In general, project reports are not reviewed by the NCAR Budget and Planning Office.

NSF Progress Reports:  Funding that is awarded from non-NSF federal agencies through the NSF Cooperative Agreement with UCAR (Interagency Agreements) may have reporting requirements with the federal agency in addition to the required annual and final reporting to NSF.  The NSF reports are facilitated by NCAR Budget and Planning (B&P), prepared by the PI and submitted by NCAR B&P in Please refer to the menu item “NSF Progress Reports” to the left for further information.

NSF Project Outcomes Reports: The National Science Foundation (NSF) implemented a new reporting requirement, the Project Outcomes Report, to comply with section 7010 of the America COMPETES Act.  The report is prepared and submitted by the PI through and serves as a brief summary on the nature and outcomes of the funded project, prepared specifically for the public. Please refer to the menu item “NSF Public Reports” to the left for further information.

ARRA Reports:  Research projects awarded with ARRA funds are subject to the same UCAR policies and procedures and federal agency reporting requirements as other contracts and grants. In addition to any annual reporting required by the agency, ARRA awards are subject to quarterly reporting over the life of the project on how UCAR is using the money.  The reports are facilitiated by NCAR B&P and UCAR Sponsored Agreements, prepared by the PI, submitted by UCAR Sponsored Agreements through and are viewable by the public. Please refer to the menu item “ARRA Reports” to the left for further information.