Budget and Planning Public

Budget and Planning Public

Mesa LabIncluded in NCAR’s mission of transferring knowledge for the betterment of life on Earth is the welcome responsibility of helping to educate and inform the public about our scientific community’s research. NCAR’s extensive education and outreach efforts, supported by the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (NCAR’s managing body) as well as by NCAR staff and scientists, are broad ranging.

The NCAR Budget & Planning Office is responsible for implementing the NCAR annual NSF Base budget, monitoring and administering proposals and internal allocations, program and budget reporting, and balancing program priorities within the realities of sound fiscal planning. 

The reports and statistics below inform the public of current scientific research and collaboration at NCAR and funding information from our sponsors.

NCAR Staff can find all internal Budget and Planning content here.

NCAR Annual ReportThe NCAR FY2016 Annual Report - NCAR is a crossroads for scientific interaction and collaboration. Each year, the NCAR Annual Report provides a look back at some of the exciting research being done within our community and at NCAR.

NCAR FY2017 Staffing - This graph represents NCAR personnel for a fiscal year period. Personnel statistics are represented through NCAR Staff Full Time Equivalents.

NCAR Funding FY 2017 ThumbnailNCAR FY2017 Funding - This graph represents NCAR funding for a fiscal year period. Statistics for Funding Received are broken out into funding categories.