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Community Resources

About NCAR Community Resources

Using advanced technology developed at NCAR, scientists are able to conduct research and build community models that improve our understanding of the atmosphere, the Earth system, and the Sun. With these tools, NCAR provides national and regional decision-makers with the most advanced science in weather and climate modeling.


A primary NCAR activity is creating models that enhance human understanding of the atmosphere, the Earth system, and the Sun.

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Field Campaigns

The atmosphere and other components of the Earth system present scientists with complex puzzles to be solved. 

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Computational Resources

NCAR's Computational & Information Systems Laboratory (CISL) is a world leader in supercomputing and cyberinfrastructure, providing services to over 60 UCAR member universities as well as NCAR and the larger geosciences community.

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Observations of natural processes are the building blocks of scientific discovery. Many in NCAR’s community of scientists rely on observational data to gain insights on atmospheric phenomena and related Earth system processes.

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Technology Transfer

Technology transfer effectively morphs scientific discoveries and research tools into commercially viable products. 

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