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The NSF/NCAR C-130 and HIAPER aircraft are housed at the Earth Observing Laboratory's Research Aviation Facility at the Jefferson County Airport in Broomfield, Colorado.

Mauna Loa Solar Observatory »

The MLSO, operated by the High Altitude Observatory, NCAR, houses instruments designed to observe the sun at different wavelengths, to assist scientists in understanding the sun and space weather.

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Observations of natural processes are the building blocks of scientific discovery. Many in NCAR’s community of scientists rely on observational data to gain insights on atmospheric phenomena and related Earth system processes. NCAR helps researchers achieve this objective, through its Earth Observing Laboratory. World-class ground, airborne, and spaceborne observational instrumentation are provided, as well as facilities, support, and data processing services that are critical to collecting and understanding atmospheric observations.

Our community of scientists works on a wide variety of topics, from climate change and its societal impacts to severe storm prediction and forecasting, air chemistry and pollution, and the Sun and space weather. To keep ahead of researchers’ needs, NCAR scientists and staff monitor the ever-evolving data and instrumentation requirements of the atmospheric science community. We constantly modify and improve systems, so as to be on the forefront of understanding and predicting atmospheric research needs.

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