Data Assimilation Program (DA)

Data Assimilation Program (DA)

About DA

The NCAR Data Assimilation Program seeks to accelerate data-assimilation research at NCAR and in the community through development of common tools and infrastructure, training of postdoctoral scientists and gentle coordination of NCAR data-assimilation activities. Funding for the Data Assimilation Program presently covers a software engineer and a unique postdoctoral program that co-sponsors postdocs jointly with NCAR labs and externally funded projects.


Left to right:
Chris Snyder (Mesoscale & Microscale Meteorology, MMM), Helen Worden (Atmospheric Chemistry Observations & Modeling, ACOM), Josh Hacker (Research Applications Laboratory, RAL), Alicia Karspeck (Climate & Global Dynamics, CGD), Jeff Anderson (Computational and Information Systems, CISL), Jonathan Hendricks (Computational and Information Systems, CISL), David Edwards (Atmospheric Chemistry Observations & Modeling, ACOM). Not shown: Wen-Chau Lee (Earth Observing Laboratory, EOL), Mausumi Dikpati (High Altitude Observatory, HAO), Carolina Haws (Mesoscale & Microscale Meteorology, MMM), Rejesh Kuman (Atmospheric Chemistry Observations & Modeling, ACOM), Requel Lorente (Research Applications Laboratory, RAL), Jing Liu (High Altitude Observatory, HAO)

In the News

Wrangling Observations into Models

April 4, 2016

If scientists could directly measure the properties of all the water throughout the world’s oceans, they wouldn’t need help from NCAR scientist Alicia Karspeck.