Appointments Review Group

The NCAR Director charges the Appointments Review Group (ARG) with conducting a review of level III and senior level scientific and research engineering candidates for promotion. Using a consistently applied, rigorous review of the individual accomplishments of the candidates within NCAR policy and procedures, the ARG makes recommendations for promotion to the NCAR Director.

NCAR Scientific and Research Engineering Appointments Policy 

Post-Appointment Review

The Post Appointment Review (PAR) is a 5-year periodic formative and summative review process for level III and senior lever ladder track scientists and research engineers. The goal is to provide guidance and feedback on career-growth paths, recognize career achievements , and provide retrospective cumulative performance evaluation.

NCAR Scientific and Research Engineering Appointments Policy

NCAR Post-Appointment Review (PAR) Process

NCAR Distinguished Scholar Appointments

Recognition of appropriately qualified NCAR scientists with a long-standing and exceptional career that is rich in sustained service and research receive this appointment. The appointment is a four-year renewable term in which the scientist may receive non-salary funding (typically about $15,000 to $20,000 per year) to foster collaboration, mentorship, and other activities involving NCAR. For more information see NCAR Distinguished Scholar Appointment Procudures.

Special Appointments Criteria

NCAR Distinguished Scholar Appointment Procudures

Emeritus/Emerita Appointments

Individuals meeting certain eligibility criteria who have made significant contributions to UCAR through long and distinguished service in senior positions in research or administration may be granted emeritus or emerita status. This designation confers a life-long honorary distinction. Approval of the President and the Board of Trustees is required. The board will review these appointments at each meeting.

Special Appointments Policy

Emeritus/Emerita Procedures

Affiliate Scientist Appointments

Appropriately qualified university and research-community scientists who desire to carry out long-term, highly interactive, collaborative work with UCAR scientists may be appointed as Affiliate Scientists. This appointment is particularly suitable for parties who desire an extended, close-working relationship on scientific problems of mutual interest. If an Affiliate Scientist receives a salary during periods of residence at UCAR, it is based on a “no-loss, no-gain” arrangement. The appointment requires the approval of UCAR's Board of Trustees on an annual basis at the February meeting. For more information see UCAR's Affiliate Scientist Procedures.

Special Appointments Policy

Affiliate Scientists Procedures