NCAR Strategic Plan 2014-2019:

The final version of the NCAR Strategic Plan. NCAR began developing its current strategic plan in 2012. Previous working documents may be found here. Our planning process took place over several months. The end result is a short document that describes our major areas of activity and priorities for the period 2014 – 2019.  

NCAR Strategic Plan 2009-2014:

NCAR's 2009 strategic plan outlines the seven institutional imperatives that describe our fundamental ongoing responsibilities as a national center, as well as a set of frontiers from which we intend to build existing programs and research. Together, the imperatives and frontiers explain our institutional priorities and aspirations. (Click here for Strategic Planning Process.)

Workforce Management Plan:

NCAR's Workforce Management Plan provides a “roadmap” intended to ensure that our current and future workforce will continue to be vibrant and productive, with high morale.

Workforce Management Plan Progress Report

NCAR Program Operating Plan:

The NCAR Program Operating Plan (POP) provides an overview of the key priorities of our Laboratories, Programs and Observatory for each fiscal year. The POP provides the National Science Foundation with our plans for the upcoming year, as well as expected outcomes and societal relevance of the work being done and services provided to our community, considerations that are critical to effectively meeting NCAR and NSF missions.

The NCAR Annual Report:

NCAR is a crossroads for scientific interaction and collaboration. Each year, the NCAR Annual Report provides a look back at some of the exciting research being done within our community and at NCAR.