Directorate Staff Roles

Name Job Titlesort descending Team Job Duties Extension
TBD Administrative Assistant II Advance Study Program
  • ASP Director support including calendar
  • Travel support for postdoctoral fellows
  • Travel support for ASP Summer Colloquium and Software Engineering Assembly Workshop
  • Update ASP database of ASP Alumni
Scott Briggs Administrative Assistant III Advance Study Program
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship search committee and application system support
  • Committee support for ASP seminars, research reviews and Thompson Lecture Series
  • Administrative support for the Software Engineering Assembly, Early Career Scientist Assembly, and NCAR Scientist Assembly
  • Website manager, Web Advisory Group representative, Google coach
  • Systems administration support
  • Property administrator
Jeanine Mrjenovich Administrative Assistant III Budget and Planning
  • Administrative support for Budget & Planning
  • Proposal support
    • monthly reporting & MOU database
    • NSF Progress Report
  • Monthly financial reporting
  • Web development, content and maintenance for Budget & Planning webpages
  • Meeting, travel and logistics support
  • Administrative team and backup support to Executive Assistants
Rebecca Lovell Budget Analyst III Budget and Planning
  • Indirect Cost Admin. & Reporting
  • Lab/Division IC Rate Development
  • NSF Base & Indirect Uploads, UY Reallocation
  • ABR Statistics
  • Bid and Proposal
  • Monthly Financial Reporting
  • Institutional Staffing & Funding Charts
  • CSC and Facility Usage Rate Development and Reporting
  • Directorate Transfers
  • SPER’s
  • Proposal Submission Process
  • Hold for Processing & Visitor/Post Doc Encumbrances
Caron Chambers Budget Analyst III Budget and Planning
  • Indirect Rate Methodology Change
  • Corporate Performance Management System
  • Special Projects
Reta Kubler Business Intelligence Specialist Budget and Planning
  • Business Intelligence Specialist for Corporate Performance Management Tool
  • Ad Hoc Analysis for Institution Level Management
  • BI Coordinator for NCAR and UCP Reporting
  • FAB/Cognos BI Liaison for NCAR & UCP
  • Proposal Submission Process
  • Special Projects
Andrea Martinez Contract Management Analyst Budget and Planning
  • NOAA IDIQ Administrator
  • Contract Compliance
  • Scientific and financial reporting to NOAA
  • Collaboration with Labs/Programs in regard to NOAA IDIQ compliance
  • Collaboration with UCAR Contracts department in administrating the NOAA IDIQ
  • Designs and documents features of the proposal and budget software sytem
  • Leads proposal, review, and submission process in response to RFPs
  • Liaison on RFP reviews with UCAR Contracts office and other outside sponsor program officials
  • Backup to Valerie Koch
Rebecca Haacker Director of Education and Outreach Advance Study Program
  • Leads the strategic planning for education and outreach for UCAR
  • Develops strategic synergies between current NCAR and UCP education programs and external partner organizations
  • Conceptualizes and implements new programs in response to the needs of the geoscience community, university partners, funding agencies, and employers
  • Directs grant proposal activities and communications with funders
  • Leads and partners with colleagues across the organization to direct and coordinate NCAR efforts in higher education, atmospheric and related science community workforce development, the public, and K-12 outreach
  • Creates synergies among NCAR internship and education programs and between NCAR and UCAR activities for student training and workforce development in its undergraduate student internships and graduate visitor programs
  • Represents NCAR|UCAR as a leader in geoscience education, outreach, workforce development, and diversity in activities with scientific societies, such as the AMS and AGU
  • Directs the NCAR Advanced Study Program (ASP) program and oversees program management and administration, planning, budgets, staffing, program evaluation, reporting and representation to and communication with NSF, other sponsors, partner laboratories, and universities
Konnie Phillips Division/Program Administrator I Operations
  • Human Subjects Research Committee administrator
  • Change Management facilitator
  • Trainer
  • Human Resource and Personnel policy topics
  • Appointment Review Group (ARG) administrator
  • Metrics Database administrator
  • NCAR New Employee Orientation coordinator
  • Operations budgets and account management
  • Web Content Manager
Susan Chavez Executive Assistant I NCAR Director’s Office
  • Executive administration support to the Director
  • Director’s calendar
  • Director’s Travel
  • All Director signature and approval requests
  • Confidential communications
  • Agenda Management
    • NCAR Executive Committee
    • NCAR Directors’ Committee
    • UCAR Board of Trustee’s Budget and Programs Committee
  • Backup to NCAR Deputy Director Executive Assistant
Kara Mayock Executive Assistant to the NCAR Deputy Director NCAR Deputy Director Office
  • Executive administration support to the NCAR Deputy Director/Chief Operating Officer
  • Deputy Director’s calendar
  • Deputy Director’s Travel
  • NCAR Acting Director calendar
  • Deputy Director signature requests
  • Confidential communications
  • Agenda Management for special committees
  • Backup to Executive Assistant to the NCAR Director
  • NCAR Networking Day (Science Day) Coordination
  • New Employee Orientation Event Coordinator
  • Special Projects
    • Metrics Database Updates
    • Human Subjects Committee
    • Assist with B&P Chart Updates & Web Updates
Geoff Cheeseman Manager, Budget Operations Budget and Planning
  • B&P Operations Staff Supervision
  • B&P Director & Proposal Manager Backup
  • ABR and POP Support
  • NCAR Indirect Rate
  • MIR Reports
  • Content for B&P Webpages
  • Corporate Performance Management (CPM) Oversight 
  • Special Projects and Surveys  
  • STORM Requests
Valerie Koch Manager, Proposal Coordination Budget and Planning
  • B&P Proposal Staff Supervision
  • B&P Director and Operations Manager Backup
  • Proposal Submission Process
  • Proposal Guidelines & Training
  • Proposal Webpage Content
  • Proposal Review Panal Process
  • Variance & Anticipated Funds report – for UCAR Treasury
  • PandA Development
Michael Thompson NCAR Deputy Director NCAR Director’s Office
  • Partners with NCAR Director in developing and implementing strategies for achieving NCAR goals and priorities
    • Strategic and Workforce Development Planning
    • Liaison with NSF
  • President’s Council Member
  • Exceptions to Policy
  • Serves as Acting Director in the Director’s absence
  • Supervises the Advance Study Program Director and the Library Director
  • Reviews ladder-track staff salaries
  • Member of the NCAR Executive Committee & Directors’ Committee
Jim Hurrell NCAR Director NCAR Director’s Office
  • Oversight of NCAR Programs and NSF Funds
  • Strategic and Workforce Development Planning
  • Chief liaison with NSF
  • President’s Council Member
  • Chair of NCAR Executive Committee & Directors’ Committee
  • Exceptions to Policy
Rena Brasher-Alleva NCAR Budget & Planning Director Budget and Planning
  • Directs Budget & Planning Office Functions
  • Annual Budget Review (ABR) Process 
  • Budget Liaison with NSF's NCAR Coordination Office
  • NCAR Planning, Budgeting, and Reporting Oversight
  • Program Operating Plan (POP) and Progress Report (POPPR)
  • Budget Policies and Procedures
  • NCAR Directorate Budgets 
  • Oversite of NSF Base Operating Budgets
  • NCAR Business Process Owner for CPM Financial Tools
  • Member of the NCAR Executive Committee & Directors' Committee 
Helen Moshak NCAR Operations Director Operations
  • NCAR Operations lead
  • Team supervisor
  • Workforce Management Plan implementation
  • NCAR Human Resource and Appointment Policies
  • Appointment Review Group (ARG) advisor
  • NCAR Space Management
  • Metrics
  • Lab Annual Reports (LAR)/NCAR Annual Report (NAR)
Paula Fisher Program Administrator I Advance Study Program
  • Budget and accounting management
  • Graduate Visitor Program and Faculty Fellowship Program management
  • Team supervisor
  • Postdoc hiring and separation processes
  • Proposal coordinator
  • Editor of monthly Fellows Newsletter
Steve Ritter Proposal Analyst II Budget and Planning
  • Review of Sponsor Announcements/RFPs
  • Proposal Submission Process
  • Monthly Proposal Report to NSF
  • Monthly Award Report to Deputy Director
  • Chart of Account Review/Approval
  • Incremental Requests
  • Revised Budgets
  • NSF Progress Reports - IA Funding (backup)
David Vance Software Engineer III Operations
  • Directorate Web Applications and Database Developer
    • Metrics Database, ARG Tool, Committee Tool
  • NCAR DIR Drupal  development lead
  • NCAR Main Website Webmaster
  • NAR Website Webmaster
  • WAG Co-Chair, UDUG representative