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UCAR Asian Circle:

What is the Asian Circle Listening group?

Asian Circle Listening group, lead by Dr. Gang Lu, was formed in May 2009 from the NCAR Workforce Management Plan committee to represent the Asian staff and visitors of NCAR/UCAR.  The Asian Circle committee members meet regularly to plan informal seminars, forums, and cultural activities, aiming to serve as a cultural bridge in the organization and increase awareness of diversity in the work place.

More than 10% of the NCAR/UCAR staff and visitors are of Asian heritage.  Many Asian staff/visitors have spent much of their lives in the U.S.  For others, such as scientific visitors, NCAR/UCAR is the first exposure to the U.S.  No matter how long Asians have been in the U.S., they often face difficulties with cultural differences and work habits.  For example, work place customs (e.g., career advancements) between the U.S. and other countries can be vastly different.  Events held by the Asian Circle Listening group provide perfect venue to address such topics in an informal setting.  For non-Asian staff and visitors, the Asian Circle is the perfect place to meet co-workers and discover the rich Asian heritage at NCAR/UCAR.  NCAR/UCAR is a global melting pot.  Non-Asian staff/visitors are an important gateway for the Asian staff/visitors to better understand non-Asian heritages and the professional world.

We believe that understanding each others backgrounds and why we are here is an essential ingredient for NCAR/UCAR to continue to be a leader in the scientific community.

map of Asia

Map of Asia. For a complete list of Asian countries, please see


Goals of the Asian Circle Listening group

We aim to provide opportunities:

  • For a better understanding of professional advancement at NCAR/UCAR
  • To increase your comfort level in the work environment
  • To enrich professional communication skills
  • To establish mentoring relationships, both professional and personal
  • To overcome language barriers, if they exist
  • For learning more effective cross-cultural conflict resolution methods
  • To be heard
  • To share your knowledge of Boulder with new staff/visitors and families from daily needs to social activities
  • To know your co-workers and have fun!


Recent Events

Members: Ben Ho, Kyoko Ikeda, Bill Kuo,  Hanli Liu, Gang Lu, Laura Pan, Raj Pandya, Mohan Ramamurthy, Jenny Sun, and Jielun Sun.

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