NCAR Directorate Diversity Funding

NCAR Directorate Diversity Funding

NCAR Diversity Committee FY15 Request for Proposals




  • Initial Draft for preliminary review is due February 26, 2016
  • Final Submission is due March 11, 2016



The NCAR Diversity Committee is soliciting proposals for FY16 NCAR Directorate Diversity Funds. Full details and instructions are given in the FY16 NCAR Directorate Diversity Fund Proposal Template.

Proposals shall be reviewed by a review panel convened by the NCAR Diversity Committee.
The review panel will provide proposal review and ranking recommendations to the NCAR Executive Committee. The NCAR Executive Committee will make the final award decisions.


UCAR Diversity Fund Guidelines

  • General overview of use of Diversity Funds.
  • Description of possible activities for which a proposal may be submitted.
  • Examples of appropriate expenditures.


Resources for PIs:

The following persons will serve as a resource to PIs who are writing proposals and have questions:

  • Helen Moshak
  • Carolyn Brinkworth