NCAR and the Academic Community

NCAR has a special relationship with the university community, which manages NCAR through the nonprofit University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) on behalf of NSF. The UCAR Board of Trustees and UCAR President's Advisory Committee on University Relations, elected by representatives of UCAR member universities, provide fiduciary, legal, and program oversight for NCAR and all other UCAR programs. University representatives are part of the NCAR Advisory Council and the advisory panels for all NCAR laboratories, divisions, and institutes. Collaborations among NCAR staff and university colleagues are integral to our institutional success; the strength, variety, and frequency of our university interactions provide metrics of our programmatic health.

NCAR-University Interactions in 2008: A Snapshot

  • 73 North American universities are members of UCAR, which manages NCAR
  • 23 universities and colleges are academic affiliates of UCAR
  • 77 academic representatives currently serve on NCAR advisory committees/panels
  • 702 university scientists are registered users of the NCAR Weather Research and Forecasting model
  • 79 NCAR staff served on thesis committees at 34 universities, 42 NCAR staff were graduate advisors at 33 universities, and NCAR scientists held 72 teaching appointments at 30 universities 
  • 70 universities and colleges around the world use data from the NCAR Mauna Loa Solar Observatory
  • 22 U.S. universities are deeply involved in development of the NCAR-led Community Climate System Model
  • NCAR submitted 205 collaborative proposals with 86 different universities for non-NSF funding 
  • Approximately 400 papers were coauthored by academic and NCAR scientists
  • Approximately 600 academic scientists participated in NCAR-supported field campaigns
  • 644 academic scientists used NCAR computational facilities
  • More than 1000 academic scientists attended over 125 workshops and colloquia at NCAR