Partnerships and Collaboration

NCAR is a crossroads for scientific interaction and collaboration. We work closely with universities, environmental research and assessment programs, government laboratories, and other international and national research institutions to define grand challenge problems in the atmospheric, solar, and related sciences; and we collaborate with these partners to organize and support communities of leading experts in sustained, long-term projects that address such problems. We maintain strong ties to innovative researchers and other centers of excellence, nationally and internationally, and include our partners in decision making and direction setting for our institution. Successful implementation of this plan depends on close and ongoing engagement with a wide variety of scientific partners.

NCAR is also a venue for the interaction of science and society. Our partnerships and interactions with decision makers in business and industry; nongovernmental organizations; and local, national, and international governmental bodies and agencies are steadily increasing. We consider policy questions and societal issues as we develop research plans. We investigate decision making processes and develop decision-support mechanisms to help ensure efficient and effective applications of science to societal needs. We embrace both research and operational goals in model development. We reach out to diverse groups interested in the atmospheric and Earth system sciences, conduct our work in an open and transparent manner, and proactively inform the public about our programs and results. We see active engagement with stakeholders who can use and benefit from our work as a fundamental responsibility.