Information for Research Inter...

Information for Research Internship Managers

The NCAR Education and Outreach Office is here to support labs and programs in running their internships. To see a comprehensive list of the internships in different labs and programs, please see Internships at NCAR|UCAR.

Interns at a poster session

What is the difference between a student assistantship and a research internship?

A student assistant may analyze data, do field work, and support scientific research in other ways. 

A research intern does a research project that they design and execute with guidance, with deliverables such as a poster and talk. Internships typically provide training on topics such as: making a work plan, communicating results via a talk or poster, communicating professionally, résumé writing, and looking at career options. 

Intern Workshop Series 

The workshops run on Thursday mornings from 9:00 - 11:00 am.

May 25Introduction & tips to doing an internship at NCAR MLDamon Room
June 1Making a work plan & doing an elevator speech MLDamon Room
June 8Diversity and inclusion  FL1003
June 15How to give a scientific talk (bring laptop) FL1003
June 22Data management & making effective figures MLVisLab
June 29How to make a scientific poster (bring laptop) MLDamon Room
July 5NCAR tour at 2pm & Trail hike at 4 pm MLDamon Room
July 13Writing your internship in your résumé  FL2 1003
July 27  Help session for posters or talks FL2 1003


A poster session for interns will be held on Aug. 3rd in the afternoon at CG1, and interns are encouraged to present there.

Students were able to visit the Wyoming Supercomputing Center.

Resources for Internship Managers 

Providing students with smooth on-ramping helps them to function better in doing research. The NCAR Education and Outreach Office will support labs and programs with guidance on the following:

Summer housing at CU Boulder:  NCAR|UCAR houses many of our interns at Bear Creek Apartments

Preparing your mentors:  To help your mentors prepare for mentoring students, check out these excellent tips & resources.  

Evaluation:  Our office provides evaluation services to the labs for assessing internship programs, including a simple post-internship survey that each internship can add questions to. 

For more information on running an internship at NCAR|UCAR, please contact Valerie Sloan in the NCAR Internship Office.