2013 Program Presentations

2013 Program Presentations

Climate Change and the Global Water Cycle and Climate Modeling – Kevin Trenberth

Effects of Climate Change on the Arctic – Mark Serreze (NSIDC)

Severe Storm Prediction and the Mesoscale Predictability Experiment – Glen Romine

Improving Hurricane Predictions - Barb Brown

Recent intense hurricane response to global climate change (paper) - Cindy Bruyere
Climate and Extremes - Cindy Bruyere

Societal Perceptions and Responses to High Impact Weather – Heather Lazrus

Discussion of Water Evaluation and Planning and Long Range Energy Alternatives (LEAP) systems – David Yates  

Climate Change and Agriculture – Peter Backlund

Better Weather Information Makes Your Flying Safer, More Efficient, and More Pleasant – Bruce Carmichael

A Discussion of Hydrometeorology and Flash Floods – Matt Kelsch

Renewables Forecasting for Wind and Solar Energy– Sue Ellen Haupt

An Introduction to High Performance Computing: 16th Century to Present – Rich Loft

Introduction to NCAR’s High Altitude Observatory History – Mike Wiltberger

Effects of Space Weather on Earth – Mike Wiltberger

The Dynamic Sun: How the Sun Works – Scott McIntosh