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Integrated Assessment Modeling (IAM)

IAM Overview

The IAM | Integrated Assessment Modeling group, of TSS | Terrestrial Sciences in CGD | Climate & Global Dynamics,  develops and applies integrated socio-economic and biophysical models of the climate system.

The integrated assessment field uses such linked models to address questions relevant to policy responses to the climate change issue. NCAR's IAM group focuses on exploring the influence of alternative socio-economic development paths on future greenhouse gas emissions and climate change impacts, and improving linkages to earth system models, particularly through land use. Over time the group aims to improve the treatment of uncertainty and the modeling of impacts and adaptation in integrated assessments.

Modeling work is centered around further development of the iPETS model (integrated Population-Economy-Technology-Science model). iPETS links a global, multi-region economic model with reduced-form models of the climate system and greenhouse gas cycles.

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