NCAR Vulnerability, Impacts an...

NCAR Vulnerability, Impacts and Adaptation (NVIA)

NVIA Overview

The NCAR Vulnerability & Impacts Adaptation (NVIA) within ISP is also part of the Climate Science and Applications Program (CSAP) within RAL. CSAP with ISP's assistance links an active group of physical and social scientists. to conduct interdisciplinary research on social, economic, and political activities related to climate at local, regional and global scales. They address adaptation to climate change by generating scenarios of projected climate change, developing tools and methods for analyzing current and future vulnerability, and conducting integrated analyses of climate change impacts and adaptation.

The initial focus includes:

  • Climate, Weather and health: New joint post doc program (CDC and NCAR/ASP),
  • Urban Development, emissions & vulnerability, GIS Science,
  • Water impacts, vulnerability and governance, 
  • Regional and Global Climate with NESL

There are three broad types of models and analytic frameworks in climate change research as shown in the figure on the left which was published in Nature. Click on the image for a larger view.

Citation: "The next generation of scenarios for climate change research and assessment”, Nature, Vol 463j, 11 Feb 2010, doi:10.1038, Moss, Edmonds, Hibbard, Manning, Rose, vanVuuren, Carter, Emori, Kainuma, Kramm, Meehl, Mitchell, Nakicenovic, Riahi, Smith, Stouffer, Thomson, Wyant, Wilbanks.


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