Labs / Programs

Labs / Programs

The National Center for Atmospheric Research, with major sponsorship of The National Science Foundation (NSF), provides research, facilities, and services for the atmospheric and Earth sciences community.

Advanced Study Program (ASP)

The Advanced Study Program focuses on fostering the professional development of early career scientists, promoting advanced scientific educational opportunities at NCAR through visitor programs, directing attention to emerging areas of science, and facilitating interactions between NCAR, universities, and the broader community.

Computational and Information Systems Laboratory (CISL)

NCAR's Computational & Information Systems Laboratory is a world leader in supercomputing and cyberinfrastructure, providing services to over 60 UCAR member universities as well as NCAR and the larger geosciences community.

Click here for information on the Institute for Mathematics Applied to Geosciences (IMAGe).

Earth Observing Laboratory (EOL)

The Earth Observing Laboratory provides state-of-the-art atmospheric observing systems and support services to the university-based research community for climate and weather research.

High Altitude Observatory (HAO)

The High Altitude Observatory conducts fundamental and applied research in solar-terrestrial physics using observational, theoretical, and numerical methods. Research at HAO extends from the solar core to the surface of the Earth.

NCAR Earth System Laboratory (NESL)

The NCAR Earth System Laboratory promotes and facilitates atmospheric and earth-systems research areas within NCAR.

Research within NESL is highly collaborative with specialties focussed in three major research divisions:

Research Applications Laboratory (RAL)

The Research Applications Laboratory conducts directed research and engineering toward the solution to problems relevant to society, and facilitates the transfer of the information, expertise, and technology developed to the public and private sectors.