Introduction and Background

The NCAR workforce of the future will be high quality, productive, and increasingly diverse. It will support the mission of the national center and be strongly interactive with the university community, through collaborations, a healthy visitor program, and visits of NCAR staff to the universities. It will have an appropriate balance among junior and senior staff and visitors. A reasonable turnover rate will ensure renewal and foster change. It will have a significant number of student and postdoctoral appointments. Our personnel policies and practices, including salary and benefits, will be competitive with our peer institutions in the United States. The staff will balance expertise in science, engineering, education, and administration/management/ facilities. They will be provided opportunities for mentoring and career development and be supported adequately by the funds available. Staff will be evaluated and paid fairly and be resilient to minor fluctuations in budgets from year to year. When expertise does not reside in-house, strategic partnerships will provide benefit to both NCAR and partner organizations.