NCAR has a strong and productive workforce that serves its mission well. The completion of an NCAR strategic plan for the 2009-2014 period presents an ideal opportunity to assess this workforce in the context of implementing the strategic plan. This report is a “roadmap,” intended to ensure that our future workforce will continue to be vibrant and productive, with high morale.

This roadmap is based on the material contained in five detailed subcommittee reports. The NCAR Executive Committee and Workforce Management Plan Executive Committee met together on two occasions to discuss the recommendations contained in these reports, deliberate, and agree on exact content and wording. A final round of edits/modifications were based on input from the UCAR Board of Trustees at their October 12-13, 2009, meeting. In order to keep the roadmap concise, much of the rich background material has been excluded from the overall document. However, this information is preserved in the individual subcommittee reports for the interested reader (presented in Appendix D1-D5). It is important to note that the overall roadmap is a consensus document involving the Workforce Management Plan and NCAR Executive Committees and the UCAR Board of Trustees, while the individual subcommittee reports reflect only the subcommittees’ findings and recommendations. Hence the overall report recommendations do not in all cases agree with the recommendations in the subcommittee reports.

As described in this document, many of the recommendations are tightly coupled and must be implemented together rather than individually. In addition, the recommendations were not prioritized based on a cost/benefit analysis. Full implementation of the roadmap will have important budget implications for the organization that must be carefully analyzed and assessed.

The roadmap would not have been possible without the extensive contributions of UCAR and NCAR staff. Many people contributed via membership on the five subcommittees and by providing input through town hall meetings, Web surveys, and direct correspondence with the Workforce Management Plan Executive Committee. As a result, this report is truly an organization-wide effort and is dedicated to the entire staff.