Environmental Scan and Internal Data (continued)


The total number of UCAR staff on payroll for the past nine years is shown in Figure 4.  A moderate increase in staff can be seen during the first half of the decade; however, the last half of the decade has seen essentially no growth. (Growth resumed in FY09 as a result of improved federal budgets and ARRA stimulus funding).

Snapshot of  number of NCAR FTE employees

Figure 4: Snapshot of number of NCAR FTE employees, 1997 through 2009, taken on July 1 of each year.

During this time, there has been a relative increase in the number of scientific/research engineering staff and a decline in the number of paid (salaried) visitors. The numbers of scientific and computing support has increased, while the numbers of engineering/technical and administrative staff have remained relatively constant. The number of management positions has increased slightly (Fig. 5).

Number of staff (FTEs) by category

Figure 5: Number of staff (FTEs), by category, from 1997 to 2009, taken on July 1 of each year.