NCAR’s responsibilities as a national center include both advancing science and serving society. Our ability to do both will be enhanced if we diversify our workforce to better reflect and leverage the changing demographics of the United States and the world. Evidence suggests that creativity and problem solving improve with diverse teams. Since both are prerequisites to scientific insight, this suggests that scientific teams will be well served by diversity. It also argues for careful management to create well functioning teams that leverage the advantages of diversity.

NCAR is committed to do science that serves all ethnically and culturally diverse U.S. communities. Service to a community depends on knowing the needs of the community, and we are more likely to know these needs when our workforce includes members of the community. Likewise, communities are more likely to use and benefit from research when they have had the opportunity to participate in setting the research agenda. Finally, because our democracy provides the opportunity for every community to weigh in on the value of an institution, NCAR needs to engage every community as a partner in the scientific process to ensure continued relevance and fiscal health.

The NCAR Diversity Committee, which served as the Diversity Subcommittee for this report, has recently adopted the following statement on diversity within the institution:

UCAR values and is committed to diversity in its broadest and most inclusive sense, recognizing that scientific excellence is enhanced by contributions from multiple perspectives. This means working to produce a productive, equitable, and gratifying workplace for all employees, visitors, and collaborators. To that end, we affirm our responsibility to attract, retain, and advance individuals from groups that have been historically underrepresented in the atmospheric and related sciences.

Conclusion: NCAR must cultivate a world-class, broadly inclusive science and engineering workforce and expand scientific literacy. To address our ongoing responsibilities as a national center, NCAR will extend its research, education, and service to new communities and work internally to maximize opportunities for diversity.

The committee identified several external and internal efforts that would support attempts to increase diversity at NCAR.