Professional Development/Work Environment

Attracting and Retaining Employees

1. Position salaries strategically.

 UCAR’s total compensation package (pay, benefits, working conditions, performance management, etc.) should be crafted strategically to meet the needs of the organization in terms of attracting and retaining employees.

2. Promote benefits.

Supervisors should be given training on the benefits available to staff.   This includes flexible work options, leadership training programs, and comparison of UCAR benefits with other organizations.

3. Tailor processes so that we can hire the best people in a competitive environment.

Information about salaries should be provided at the time of a job opening. Supervisors should be able to decide the level of preliminary filtering that occurs in HR.  For scientist positions (including some project scientists), NCAR should consider developing a central pool of start-up resources (e.g. computer, high-performance computing time, shared support staff, and possibly major laboratory equipment) and funds for other needs and ongoing support so that we can attract the best of the best.

4. Make office/lab space equitable and promote telecommuting.

NCAR and its laboratories/divisions should clarify and communicate to staff the process for allocation of office/lab space, to ensure that the process is open and transparent.

NCAR should provide teleconferencing facilities for all staff so that less time is spent commuting to meetings and UCAR/NCAR’s carbon footprint is reduced.