Appendix B

Stakeholders’ Meetings

Major meetings were held to inform and solicit input from UCAR’s primary stakeholders:   employees, management, the UCAR Board of Trustees, and the National Science Foundation.

December 2008

      NCAR Scientists’ Assembly Executive Committee

January 2009

      NCAR Town Hall

February 2009

      UCAR Board of Trustees, Personnel Committee

March 2009

      UCAR Finance and Administration Town Hall Meeting

April 2009

      NCAR Scientists’ Assembly, All-Day Retreat

      NCAR Town Hall Meeting

May 2009

      NCAR Directors and Administrators--Program Management Scan

      Asian Listening Meeting

March – June 2009

      Survey of External Institutions

June 2009

      Scientist Support Jobs Focus Group

      Project Scientist Focus Group

July 2009

      UCAR Management Committee

      Workplace Climate Survey—all staff

      Administration Focus Group

      Engineer Survey

      Associate Scientist Focus Group

September 2009

      NCAR Town Hall

      UCAR Board of Trustees, Personnel Committee

October 2009

      UCAR Board of Trustees

      National Science Foundation