Kiehl Wins Climate Communicati...

Kiehl Wins Climate Communication Award

NCAR’s Jeff Kiehl (NESL/CGD) is the recipient of the 2012 American Geophysical Union (AGU) Climate Communication Prize. Established in 2011, this Union Prize highlights the importance of promoting scientific literacy, clarity of message, and efforts to foster respect and understanding of science-based values as they relate to the implications of climate change.

Jeff has long had a profound interest in the human treatment of the natural world. Returning to school in 2003, Jeff earned a second PhD in psychology from Regis University. Today, he frequently combines this knowledge with his climate expertise to explore why humans treat nature the way we do, and how we value nature from a psychological and philosophical perspective in talks to the public. An important aspect in his effective communication, Jeff’s tailors the information he presents specifically for each audience, using images and narratives that have particular relevance to those to whom he is speaking.

Feeling strongly that educating scientists to communicate more effectively with the public about climate science, Jeff has also presented many lectures to young scientists at universities and at various scientific meetings on how to improve science communication. These presentations typically explore both the scientific and psychological dimensions of communicating climate change to the public. The 2012 AGU Climate Communications award recognizes and rewards these public and peer-oriented efforts.