Early-Career Faculty Innovators Program


Atmospheric and Earth system science are of critical importance to the future of global society. Human activities are causing large-scale changes in the Earth system, such as climate change and its associated increased frequency of extreme weather events. The Early-Career Faculty Innovator Program is a new funding opportunity for early-career faculty and their graduate students to co-develop transformative and interdisciplinary research projects in partnership with scientists and engineers at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado. A key objective of the program is to complement NCAR’s expertise by partnering with faculty in STEM and social science research communities to address complex research problems.

Program Structure

The Program aims to fund six faculty and one graduate student of each faculty participant for two years, starting in summer 2019. Funding includes a summer salary (three months for faculty), year-round funding for a graduate student, research sabbatical at NCAR for faculty and graduate student, including travel and housing cost, research support and conference travel. The program is open to US early-career university faculty. NCAR is committed to broadening participation in the geosciences and specifically invites scholars from Minority Serving Institutions to apply.

Program Objectives

  • Support early-career faculty and NCAR scientists in co-developing interdisciplinary research projects and proposals
  • Rejuvenate NCAR’s scientific and engineering workforce and enhance strategic connections with university scientists
  • Accelerate innovation and discovery in Earth system science and improve the delivery of the scientific information that is responsive to societal needs

How to Apply for the 2019-2020 Cohort

Please contact the Innovators Program Coordinator with any questions and to confirm your interest in applying.