Affiliate scientists are senior-level scientists from the university and research community who desire to carry out long-term, highly interactive, collaborative work with our scientists on scientific problems of mutual interest.

These appointments are three-year terms and include annual visits as well as financial or administrative support. Currently 48 colleagues from 12 countries, 15 states, and 20 U.S. universities hold affiliate scientist appointments at NCAR.

Name & Home Page Home Institution Country Laboratory/ Program Affiliation Term Expires
Astitha, Dr. Marina University of Connecticut USA RAL 2025 - September 30
Atlas, Dr. Elliot L. University of Miami USA ACOM 2024 - July 31
Aumont, Dr. Bernard Laboratoire Interuniversitaire des Systemes Atmospherieques (LISA) FRA ACOM 2023 - February 28
Barker, Dr. Dale Centre for Climate Research Singapore (CCRS) SGP MMM 2024 - March 31
Bosart, Prof. Lance State University of New York Albany USA MMM 2025 - October 31
Calvo, Dr. Natalia Universidad Complutense de Madrid ESP ACOM 2025 - March 31
Cervone, Dr. Guido Pennsylvania State University USA RAL 2022 - October 31
Clerbaux, Prof. Cathy CNRS FRA ACOM 2022 - February 28
Dirmeyer, Dr. Paul George Mason University USA CGD and RAL 2025 - October 31
Doyle, Dr. James U.S. Naval Research Laboratory USA EOL 2024 - February 28
Dunning, Dr. Kelly Auburn University  USA CGD 2026 - January 30
Eyring, Dr. Veronika German Aerospace Center DEU CGD 2025 - November 30
Fast, Dr. Jerome Pacific Northwest National Laboratory USA ACOM 2021 - October 31
Field, Dr. Paul Met Office UK MMM 2024 - March 31
Fineschi, Dr. Silvano Osservatorio Astrofisico di Torino ITA HAO 2025 - August 31
Finnigan, Dr. John CSIRO, Australia AUS MMM 2024 - March 31
Gannet Hallar, Dr. Anna University of Utah USA EOL 2026 - March 1
Hayden, Dr. Mary University of Colorado USA RAL 2024 - February 28
Hong, Prof. Song-You


CU/CIRES - 30%

USA MMM 2025 - August 31
Huba, Dr. Joseph Naval Research Laboratory USA HAO 2025 - August 31
Janches, Dr. Diego Goddard Space Flight Center  USA HAO 2025 - January 31
Jnglin Wills, Dr. Robert  University of Washington  USA CGD 2025 - January 31
Jonker, Dr. Harm Delft University of Technology NLD MMM 2024 - Sept 1
Khatri, Dr. Sunil Texas A&M University USA EOL 2025, August 31
Kort, Dr. Eric University of Michigan USA EOL 2025 - January 31
Kostinski, Prof. Alex Michigan Technological University  USA EOL 2025 - January 31
Larson, Dr. Vincent University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee USA CGD 2025 - October 31
Levelt, Dr. Pieternel Royal Meteorological Institute of the Netherlands (KNMI) NLD ACOM 2023 - February 28
Lin, Dr. Hao-Sheng University of Hawai'i Manoa USA HAO 2025 - August 31
Lunt, Dr. Dan University of Bristol UK CGD 2023 - February 28
Mann, Dr. Jakob Technical University of Denmark DNK EOL 2024 - February 28
Merkin, Dr. Viacheslav (Slava) Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory USA HAO 2026 - March 1
Mlynczak, Dr. Marty NASA Langley Research Center USA HAO 2025 - August 31
Persad, Dr. Geeta University of Texas, Austin USA CGD 2025 - January 31
Raphael, Dr. Marilyn University of California, Los Angeles USA CGD 2025 - October 31
Repasky, Dr. Kevin Montana State University USA EOL 2025 - April 30
Robinson, Dr. Alex Universidad Complutense de Madris ESP CGD 2024 - April 30
Rostkier-Edelstein, Prof. Dorita Hebrew University of Jerusalem ISR RAL 2025 - August 31
Saiz-Lopez, Dr. Alfonso Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovaction, Madrid ESP ACOM 2024 - March 31
St. Cyr, Dr. Chris Universities Space Research Association  USA  HAO 2025 - January 31
Svensson, Prof. Gunilla University of Stockholm SWE CGD 2025 - October 31
Thornton, Prof. Joel University of Washington, Seattle USA ACOM 2024 - April 30
Trujillo-Bueno, Prof. Javier Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias ESP HAO 2025 - August 31
Wills, Dr. Robert University of Washington USA CDG 2025 - January 31
Zhang, Prof. Mei Chinese Academy of Sciences CHN HAO 2025 - August 31


It is NCAR's intent that an individual NCAR scientist and a scientist at another institution initially explore their common scientific interests.  When discussions reach an appropriate state of development, the scientist at the participating institution may seek approval of an Affiliate Scientist appointment. Nominating letters should be forwarded by the NCAR scientist's laboratory director to the NCAR director. 

Please review the nomination procedures for new nominations. Affiliate Scientist nominations are reviewed once a year, at the February Board of Trustees meeting.