Need to measure particles inside clouds over the remote Southern Ocean? We can do that. Want to measure the properties of tornado outbreaks in the Southeast? We can do that, too. 

Over the last half a century, we've lent a hand to a wide variety of field projects in the atmospheric and related sciences, from measuring air pollution in Mexico City to studying lake-effect snow on the Great Lakes.

The NCAR Earth Observing Laboratory’s primary mission is to provide leadership in observing facilities, field project support, and research and data services needed to advance the scientific understanding of the Earth system.

The lab manages the majority of the National Science Foundation’s Lower Atmosphere Observing Facilities and deploys them in support of observational field campaigns for researchers from universities, government agencies, and NCAR and in support of education. To accomplish this, the lab employs and trains the required staff, assists potential users during project planning and preparation, supports the observing programs by operating facilities and instruments, and assures and preserves the quality of the collected data for decades.